Hog roast catering can be there for you at every special moment

Hello again folks, I’m currently writing from the office in
Hereford, had a long journey into work as most will with the bad weather we’ve
been having. Sat at my desk at the moment just in front of a nice, warm heater,
gearing myself up for another long day of hog roast events.

I don’t always have the time to get myself personally
involved in all events being the owner of a company this large, but recently
I’ve found myself on the line most days of the week, and it’s been great to get
back out there, face to face with customers. Being locked up in an office,
swimming in a sea of paperwork isn’t too fun, even at the best of times!

Today I’m getting my hands dirty catering for one of my old
friends, who I’ve known since school. We catered at his wedding a couple of
years back and now we’re catering at the Christening of his daughter, born
earlier in the year. The event is family and close-friend focused with a guest
list of only 30 people. It’s a late morning/early afternoon event so we’re
working from our pig sandwich menu, a succulent roasted hog served on our very
own freshly baked white bread rolls, with stuffing, crackling and a choice of
sauces, with the main being apple sauce – A fitting menu for this type of
event, time of year and time of day.

The event is a small and personal one as I mention, taking
place at my friends (the clients) parents house. They’ve set up a marquee in
their back garden, with plenty of room indoors and outdoors.

Unfortunately the weather is bloody terrible so it looks
like the original plan for it being a back garden feast could be out of the
equation unless the weather gets its act together. Easy to work around though,
we’ll run the machine outside the back door under cover and feed the folks in
the open-plan kitchen.

Typing this I realise I’m about
to be pushing my luck with the time and should probably do some real work. As
always, thanks for reading and keep checking back for more updates.

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