No event is too big or too small!

Good morning, afternoon or evening to our blog readers. I’m
in Gloucester at the moment and have a relatively quiet day ahead of me; with
only one evening event I’m involved with this evening.

Tonight we’ve got a big event ahead of us as we’ll be
cooking an epic hog roast feast for none other than the Cherry and Whites,
Gloucester’s best and most professional Rugby team. We’ll be cooking enough
food for 300 people, but are only expecting 180 guests, many of which have
mammoth appetites and will be eating unusually large portions, to put it
politely. We’re serving up a spit roasted pig, 20 chickens and more side dishes
than you can shake a stick at.

Until tonight I have a largely quiet day without much to do.
A couple of event details need going over with a customer, but that’s about it
for the morning and afternoon.

If you’re in Gloucester and looking for event catering or
hog roast catering more specifically, we have a proven track record of
excellence and have many catering options available, all well priced with
designs to suit any budget. We’re more than capable of catering at large events
with hundreds, even thousands of guests, but we certainly don’t neglect smaller
events as we’ll happily cater for small events even if you’re only expecting 10
people. Not sure if any of our menus are just right for you? No problem, you
only have to let us know and we’ll take a menu you like most and make
alterations until you’re happy that the menu is 100% to your liking. You won’t
come across a hog roast as delicious as ours, the textures and taste of our
spit roasted dinners is like no other.

Remember, if you want us to cater for you it’s always worth
getting in touch with us as early as you can. We can only cater for a set
number of events a day and some days and seasons are more popular than others.

I always encourage people to get
in touch, even if you’re only mildly interested at the moment. Email, Phone or
even leave a blog comment if you want to learn more about the great hog roasts
we do.

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