buy or hire our hog roast machine is great fun

It’s a beautiful day and I’ve found myself in Swindon once
more. It’s an eventful day that involves a meeting with a decent sized
restaurant chains who’ve in the past hired our machines and are now interested
in buying some machines for their restaurant.

Nothings set in stone but I’m hoping they’ll be interested
in rolling out our hog roast machines throughout all their establishments,
nationwide. They’re over the moon with our spit roast machines and recorded
very strong interest, as well as profit and usability, so deciding on a price
that’s good for both of us will be the tricky part. All in all I’m very
positive about today and it’s great to see another aspect of the business
thriving and going from strength to strength.

The hog roast hire and hog roast machine sale is also
available to the public, if it sounds like something you’d enjoy doing yourself
rather than paying for a full hog roast catering service, we have a few models
of hog roast machines that are readily available for hire and sale. Hiring a
machine can cost as little as £200 a week, with free delivery and gas, where as
if you’re eager to buy a machine you should phone us or Email us for a price.
Most of our customers prefer to hire before buying, to get a feel for the
machines and hog roasting itself.

I’ll be in the Swindon office for a few days so if you call
today or tomorrow there’s a good chance you can speak with me directly about
the benefits to be had from our many services.

Well, that’s me once again for
the day. I hope you’re enjoying the blog and finding it informative and as
entertaining as an online diary of my working life can be! ; )

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