Our hog roast machines are used and designed by ourselves

Hello again everybody, I’m writing from Wokingham and have a
busy day in store. I’m not in the office and I’m not out catering either… No,
today I’ll be shifting my brain into 5th gear as I have an important
meeting with a key member of the company.

Today I’m meeting with one of our engineers to discuss the
design and manufacture of a new spit roast machine range. Despite being a
hugely successful hog roast catering company we’re also one of the leading hog
roast machine manufacturers – Somewhat unintentionally. Going back a good
number of years and we had the best of everything, staff and produce, but the
machines we were using just weren’t that good. There was room for improvement.
After a while I decided on putting some ideas I had to an engineer and after a
while we were utilising our own custom built hog roast machines. Shortly after
that it became clear there was a strong market for our machines, with other
caterers and restaurateurs recognising the superiority of the machines we had
in comparison to the machines elsewhere. Long story short – We’re now leaders
in hog roast machine manufacture and have great success selling and hiring out
our machines.

Time and technology progresses
though and we’re always finding new ways to improve our machines and in some
cases create brand new models. It’s been a couple of years since the last
machine invention and the time is right to create a new machine to add to our
growing range. We’ve come into some new technology and insight, and there are a
few improvements and additions I have in mind. It’s an exciting day and by the
end of it, with any luck, we should have some drafts finalised and be ready to
start physically developing the machine.

To find out more about our hog
roast machines we have a page dedicated for the hire of machines and also the
sale of machines. If you’re looking to stock our machines or would like more
detailed specification of the machines we have a dedicated team who you can
speak with by phone, or through email, from Monday through till Friday between
9am and 5pm.

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