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A very good morning to all of our blog readers, I’m in Weybridge
at the moment and I can’t wipe the smile from my face. Just been contacted by
an old work colleague from decades past – completely coincidently – who’s in
need of catering for his Wedding. You couldn’t script the timing of my being in
Weybridge any better. Funnily enough his Dad was also in the business of hog
roasting so selling him on what we do couldn’t have been much easier. It’s
definitely true when they say that it’s a small world.

That’s some while away though so I’ll focus my attention to
today. Oddly enough today I’m also catering at a wedding with the rest of my
hog roast team. I say a wedding; we’re actually catering for the after-party
later on in the evening. The event will be at one of Weybridges more popular
hotels and we’re going to be cooking for just shy of 130 people. Because it’s a
late evening event/party rather than part of the wedding ceremony itself we’ll
be serving party food to match the laid back party atmosphere. Tonight we’re
serving a buffet with a fantastic selection of Canapés, Mains, Salads and
Desserts. We’re providing some free range chicken and lamb that we’ve just
acquired from the local butcher; it’s freshly bought today and looks fit for a
king! We’ll also be providing a bar for the guests throughout the evening.

Yesterday evening I helped out the catering team who were
cooking at a local music festival, nothing too complicated or elaborate, simple
hog roast sandwiches, spit roasted chicken sandwiches and barbecued burgers and
sausages for the guests. I think I’m suffering from temporary deafness but
aside from that it was a very enjoyable night and the music wasn’t half bad.

That’s probably the 4th or 5th time
I’ve catered at a festival this year. Seems to be a growing trend to have a hog
roast at large festivals and it’s great to be outside and feeding thousands of
hungry people.

Why not give us a call if you’re having a wedding or musical
festival and need catering for the event? We have competitive prices and a
service that blows the competition out of the water.

And that’s all for today, have a
good day.

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