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Good morning readers, I’m working in Sevenoaks. Travelling
up and down the country can grow tiresome at times, but being able to visit new
places and meet new people more than makes up for it. Sevenoaks is one location
I really enjoy catering in, as the locals are a great bunch and the pubs and
great quality too.

Unfortunately I won’t be here long before I’m moving on
again, but while I am here there’s several events that I’m helping with. I’ll
outline them below because it’s a great demonstration of how suitable hog roasting
is, despite the various circumstances that each event provides. Here’s a diary
of events:

Today – Business Breakfast, 12 people; Wedding, 80 people;
Birthday Party, 200 people

Tomorrow – Corporate Seminar, 80 people; Wedding, 160
people; Works party, 130 people

As you can see there’s plenty of variety in the events I’ll
be involved in today and tomorrow. Not
only are the occasions different, but the number of people varies a fair deal
and so do the menus that we’ll be working from. There are 4 different menus in
total that we’ll be offering across the 6 events. You couldn’t think of an
event, outside of a vegetarian get-together, where hog roasting isn’t ideal.
Over the last few months I’ve catered at everything from Christenings to Indian
Weddings to Corporate functions to eid parties, barbecues, bonfire parties, sports
games and birthday celebrations. We’re a revolutionary force within the world
of hog roasting and have shown time and time again that there’s nothing one
dimensional about spit roasts in 2012. We’re even able to cook halal meats and
imitation meats and vegetarian friendly meals.

It’s no wonder then that we’ve grown as popular as we are,
as fast as we have. From only word of mouth custom we’ve developed into one of
Sevenoaks most popular caterers.

I’m going to have to cut the
blog post short unfortunately as I have a very busy day ahead of me and the
team are just about ready to set-off to the next venue, and waiting on me it
seems. Thanks for reading and keep checking back for the more insight into the

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