A hog roast could be the perfect meal for a wide array of events.

Hello again folks, this week work has taken me to Doncaster, the last leg in my tour of Gods County. Weather isn’t too bad and work is going great, with plenty of interest in our hog roast catering, which is always good.

Yesterday I took charge of catering at a Christening after-party, the Christening took place at the Church around lunch time and we provided the catering from a pub that the Grandparents had privately hired for the day. The event went really well with high spirits and some great food to go with it. The menu we created for the customer almost from scratch and the food was served in a free for all buffet style, with attendees of the party helping themselves throughout the afternoon. The party wasn’t too big and was very family orientated, instead of the usual hog we served spit roasted lamb with mint and mustard, one of my personal favourites and it went down well with the guests.

Today I’ll be leaving the office once more to help organise catering for an important business meeting. I won’t give away too many details but the meeting is an important one so there’s no room for anything less than a world class service and the pressure will be on. As with most business meetings we’ll be serving our breakfast snack menu, with our supreme spit roasted beef and horse radish sauce served in a white bread roll. A very simple menu but a favourite amongst ourselves and our customers, not only is it low in price but it tastes fantastic and is plenty filling, perfect for breakfasts or lunches whether informal or formal.

My sales team in Doncaster have a quiet week ahead, making now as good a time as any to get in contact with Hog Roast Event Catering to make a booking or find out a little more about any of our many hog roast services, from catering to machine hire to machine sale.

As always, thanks for reading our blog and stay tuned

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