Provide a beautiful meal for your birthday party guests.

Hello there people, welcome again to another addition of the Hog Roast Event Catering blog. Today I’m on my way to Preston in my home county of Lancashire, with the team to cater for a surprise 40th birthday party, for a client’s sister. As I write this my hog roast team are loading up the truck with machines and fresh produce, making sure that everything is good to go for tonight’s event.

We’re expecting around 250 guests so we’re taking with us the largest of our spit roast machines, which is capable of cooking comfortably for 250. The pig we’re taking with us is a large one and tips the scales at 70kg, which is more than big enough to feed all of the guests.

We’ll be at the event location as always a good number of hours before the event (usually 5 or 6) so that we can set up our machines, ready ourselves for the event and prepare and start cooking all of the food fresh and on site. There’s no substitute for fresh food and our hog roasts just wouldn’t be the same if we were reheating or cooking pigs that have been in a freezer for weeks/months.

Hopefully the event goes well and the birthday girl shows up. We’ve had one or two surprise birthday party frights in the past with the birthday boy or girl showing up rather late!

For the Preston hog roast party we’re catering from our Party Menu 4, our hog roast gourmet menu. The client has chosen the Spit Roasted Pig served with apple sauce, stuffing and crispy crackling option, jacket wedges, as well as a Tomato and Basil, Classic Caesar and a couscous salad.

The menu also has an option of spit roast lamb served with mint and mustard, spit roast turkey served with a cranberry sauce, spit roast chicken served with sage and an onion stuffing and spit roast beef served with horse radish sauce. All are complimented with bread rolls and a selection of sauces, as well as a vegetarian option for any vegetarian guests. Or a vegan option, on request.

Anyway I have to jet, if you’re in Preston and have any questions about hog roasting just leave a comment or email or phone me, thanks.

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