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Morning comrades, today I’m in Sheffield and we’re catering at an evening party in a pub beer garden for a group of 60. We’re expecting a good night but today I thought I’d switch up the usual blog posting format and give you a taste of the secrets of hog roasting.

Have you ever sat and thought about why spit roasting tastes as good as it does? Well wonder no more, I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and offer you a brief introduction into the science of hog roasting!

Okay, the number 1 reason for our hog roasts tasting as great as they do is in the cooking method itself. Hog roasting has an edge on other methods of cooking meat for 2 reasons – 1) Hog roast machines respect the meat and cook very, very slowly, quality over quantity, and 2) Spit roast machines, as I’m sure many of you are already aware, rotate the meat over the heat source throughout the cooking process.

To elaborate a little on why the 2nd point is so important, when you cook meat with most traditional methods, whether under a grill or on an oven tray, you lose most the juices and fats from the meat, which has a tendency to firstly dry the meat, but secondly take away from the taste of the meat itself and leave it rather bland. You can even try to spoon the juices back over the meat, but that’s mainly damage control.

When you hog roasting the constant turning of the meat actually PREVENTS loss of juices and fats. As the animal turns the juices are again and again being reabsorbed, making it so there’s no escape. The end result of this self basting process is that when the animal is cooked you’re left with a crispy, outer crackling shell and meat on the inside that’s as juicy, flavourful and mouth watering as you’ll ever come across.

If you’re in the Sheffield area and would like to learn more about hog roasting and the services we offer we’re always available by email or phone.

Over and out folks

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