Taste the Cracklin – Nothing Better Than a Roast

Taste the CracklinThere really is nothing better than a roast dinner, is there? Just think about the most comfort you can get from dining, and you are just about always going to come back to the roast. It is the ultimate in comfort foods which is why we have a whole Sunday tradition built around it, but it is also just an excellent dish itself too. Meaty, juicy, crispy, drizzled in plenty gravy, cranberry or apple sauce – nothing beats it!


Of course, you may say that we are biased here at Taste the Cracklin. After all, our entire namesake and business model is built around roast dining for events, but you also have to remember that we came to the roast first. We decided on specialising in roast dining because we already knew that there was nothing else better than it. It’s perfect for an event because it can feel both comforting and luxurious at the same time; guests get the heightened dining experience that they tend to expect with events, but they also get the comfort of something they know and love already – albeit in a slightly different form with our authentic hog roast.


The brilliance of the roast is evident in how Taste the Cracklin has become one of the nation’s best for event catering. We love our roasts in the UK, and for good reason, so to have a caterer on the market that can provide high-end versions of our favourite dish is great get. We can all make a roast at home of course – it’s why the Sunday roast exists – but having someone else make one for you is all the better, especially when that someone else is highly trained in the culinary art of roast dining.


Guests will often come up to our Taste the Cracklin teams at events to ask for tips on how we get the best out of our roasts. Even though the equipment we use is state-of-the-art, the principles of roast cooking stay relatively the same which means you can achieve similar results to us at home with a few handy tips from our chefs.


It’s this that makes the roast universal, and why, quite simply, you cannot beat it!

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