Our hog roasts are locally sourced!

I’ve been travelling across England lately as you may have noticed, and at the moment I’m in Portsmouth. Yesterday was something a little different than what I’m usually getting up to, as I was travelling through Portsmouth visiting a good number of independent farmers and butchers. It’s a good job I wrapped up warm yesterday […]

Have a royal knees up!

We’ve all had a really enjoyable Easter weekend, I think most of the team enjoyed an Easter egg or two and we may have over indulged on the hot cross buns. The sun was out making it a lovely Easter even if it did get a bit chilly towards the end of the weekend. This […]

Hog Roast Catering from the best on the market!

When you are looking for the perfect catering for your event why not choose something rather unusual in the form of a hog roast. When you are looking for catering a Hog roast is not the first thing that comes to mind but a hog roast can be the most exquisite dish and will win […]

Pick up the phone and eat meat off the bone

The hog roast is fast becoming one of the favourites amongst the vast and varied ‘intelligentsia’ within the food world. In recent years, the idea of eating and sourcing great food has become almost a national obsession. And why not? For years we have been purporting the idea of culinary quality, and now it seem […]

First hog blog of 2011

Good morning Hog Roast event catering fans and welcome to our first blog of 2011! Christmas is over and we are well into January. After the numerous catering events over the festive season we were looking forward to a well deserved break this month but no such luck, January might be considered the quietest month […]

The Hogs Are Back

Hey guys, sorry haven’t been touch in a while we have been literally run off our feet in the office here, sending out enquires, organising jobs and making sure each one of our catering teams was fully prepared for every job they attended. I am please to say that this summer has been a record […]

Hog is back

With a shocking August now thankfully drifting into the past, we can all now look forward to a September month which happily and beautifully encapsulates and houses the notion that, yes, Summer is indeed not over for us. Where some feel that the past August month has cheated and deprived us of the time which […]

Birthdays! (again)

The letters of appreciation keep coming in, which is a great testament to our chefs and catering staff who have been catering in a manner befitting to our progress and ambitions. This week holds many birthdays for quite a few of our operatives within the confines of hog roast event catering – which is great […]

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