Rugby Fun

‘And I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain?’ great lyrics by a great band by the name of Credence Clearwater Revival. And, funnily enough, lyrics that directly apply to the predicament of us all in the North of England. The truth of the matter is that it has been raining for the past […]

Start of the Week!

The season for event catering is in full swing, indeed it is. In truth, all year is our season, however this time of year is when we can really get into a mode where we attack each event with the gusto that simply separates us from the rest. Having spent a ridiculous amount of time […]

Sunshine and Hogs

Oh the joys of the summer are hard to quantify! Cant it be said that, indeed, our lives have become so much more rich and wholesome due to the welcome rays of the sun? Yes it can be said, and here is where it shall be proclaimed! In an act of wild savagery, however, the […]

Janes the Word!

What a week so far, its been full of fun and loaded with surprises! All of our machines have had their initial summer reports back and they are looking great. Having catered for hundreds of events already this year, our catering teams have had some of the finest culinary experiences to date. With our ingredients […]

Hello From the Events Team!

Welcome to our BLOG everyone, we hope you’re all having a sensational summer so far. Although the weather of late has been about as successful as the future of Bernard Madoff, do not fear! The rain which now adds weariness to the immediate landscape as the glorious effect of replenishing it with nourishing nutrients galore, […]

Early Season rush!

The season has begun with a bang, as all the catering teams have been rushed off their feet! As a chef of distinction myself, I have been paying my own part in a whole host of catering assignments this summer season, and have been loving every minute. The thing is, you rarely find a catering […]

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