Engagement Party With Hog Roast Elswick

There’s nothing quite like munching away on high-quality nosh cooked for you by professionals who have been successfully feeding the UK for more than thirty years. However, it’s even better when that nosh is a locally-sourced, free-range, slow-roasted hog that’s been cooked in front of you for hours and hours until the meat falls straight off the bone and melts in your mouth. If you’ve yet to try a freshly-cooked Hog Roast Elswick, you don’t know what you’re missing, and that includes amazing bits of salty, crispy crackling in the same mouthful as the melt-in-the-mouth meat, and your taste buds going crazy for our tangy apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, both perfect accompaniments.

One of the best ways to enjoy this kind of food is sandwich-style, and we do that with our famous pigs in buns. Simply slice off hot and cram the meat, crackling, sauces and stuffing into fresh, buttered bread rolls and voila – hog roast rolls Hog Roast Elswick-style.

For Diana and Nelson’s engagement party over the weekend, the bride and groom-to-be were recommended our catering services by close friends who had used us for a wedding anniversary celebration, and they were intrigued to sample our pigs in buns. Additionally, they asked for salads and baked potatoes for a couple of veggie guests, but when we surprised them by telling them all about our options for guests with dietary requirements, they opted for a woodland mushroom risotto, and decided to still have us supply the salads and plenty of jacket potatoes as extra food for everyone.

There were more than forty guests invited to the local boutique hotel venue, and we arrived early in the afternoon to set everything up outside in the pretty gardens. Firstly, we had to set up the marquee tent, which would keep the guests dry on this miserable day. We’d brought along a largish pig to roast inside the marquee for about 6 hours and needed to tackle that next by preparing it for its cooking.

Several hours later and the guests started to arrive, drawn to the wonderful smells of the Hog Roast Elswick that was sizzling away in its own juices and we got ready to serve plenty of excited people. Diana and Nelson were first in line to sample the hog roast and they immediately congratulated us on our stunning food.

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