Wedding Anniversary – Hog Roast Feltham

We cater for events all year round here at hog roast Feltham, whatever the occasion we have a menu that will suit. No job is every too big or too small and we will custom make a menu to suit if required and always there to help our clients get the menu just right for them. This weekend we headed south to cater for a Wedding Anniversary and the couple were a bit worried as three of the guests were vegetarian. We told them not to worry and came up with a menu suitable for those guests too. As we arrived we met the couple who were very sweet and showed us into the back building of there lovely cottage to set up we placed a lovely brisket of beef on the machine and some lamb on a smaller machine we placed some potatoes to roast. For the vegetarian guests earlier that day we baked a delicious quiche using cheese and tomatoes and on the smaller machine we placed an assortment of vegetable skewers which we knew would be enjoyed by the meat eating guests too.

We placed large chunks of courgette, red and green peppers button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes onto metal skewers and put them onto cook we brought with us a cheese board to which we knew would please everyone with an assortment of cheeses and some bread sticks. Lots of salads and coleslaw were made and as the party arrived we were ready to serve the hog roast Feltham! So succulent and juicy and was greatly received by everyone even the vegetarian guests commented on how tasty the skewers were and couldn’t believe the quiche saying it was the nicest they had ever ate! The couple were very happy as all their guests had a lovely time and they thanked us for helping them chose the perfect menu we said we are always happy to help and offer our advice if needed. We left feeling very pleased with ourselves if the customer and guests are happy that makes us happy such a compliment seeing people enjoy our food and we cannot even describe how rewarding that feeling is. A great day for  hog roast Feltham!

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