Hog Roast In Didcot – 25th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are a great reason to have a party and a great way to gather all of your friends and family to celebrate together. We recently catered for a wonderful couples 50th anniversary who opted for a Hog Roast in Didcot. Michael and Jane, who have been together 31 years, married for 25, always love a hog roast. They described themselves as ‘very outdoorsy’ and spend a lot of time out walking in the lovely Didcot views, and where possible attend many agricultural events as they have a true passion for farming and gardening. It was at an agricultural event a few years ago where they experienced their first hog roast, since then it’s then it’s changed their catering tastes! Michael in particular always remembers his first hog roast experience but did comment that he hasn’t tasted a hog roast like ours before!

Their party was being held at their local golf club as Michael and Jane are regulars there and they had 70 guests to feed. What better choice than a hog roast Didcot? The chosen menu was a typical ‘pig in a bun’ handheld sandwich option which is always a popular choice, accompanied by our stuffing and sauces to give that authentic hog roast Didcot quality! With a small number of vegetarians attending we prepared 10 of our vegetarian skewers that are extremely popular in a wrap. We always want the vegetarians to feel involved in our catering and never be put off attending a party with hog roast catering!

The pig sandwiches went down a treat! The pig we cooked was enough to feed 90 guests and there wasn’t much left at the end, we do like to have that little bit extra for those who like seconds! It was lovely to watch Michael and Jane have a special ‘anniversary dance’ before we cleared up and left all the guests to dance the night away!

On our way our we had several enquiries about our services from guests and their upcoming parties this year, we love amazing people with our unbeatable tasting food so much that they want to book themselves! So no doubt we will be seeing Michael and Jane a few more times this year!

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