Hog Roast Kelfield – Birthday Party!

At Hog Roast Kelfield whenever we cater we always take with us a pile of calling cards showing whom we are and what we do and at nearly every single event we always get a call back from one or more of the guests. We have people coming back to us time and time again, people we now consider as good friends. Lots of our work also comes from word of mouth and recommendations and the client we catered for last week was just that!

A chap named Rodney he said we came highly recommended from a friend of a friend who we had catered a Hog Roast Kelfield for last summer. We arrived at Rodneys home early morning it was his wife’s birthday and he was put in charge of organising the party. We told him to sit back and relax as we had it all in hand. We quickly set into action all of our staff doing their own thing, our chef placed the lamb and chicken on the machine and our staff were hard at work setting the huge table and the rest of the staff were making the sides. Baby new potatoes were put on to cook along with some roasted vegetables. We made some savoury stuffing to accompany the chickens and a tangy mint sauce for the lamb. We made thick rich gravy for both meats using the meat juices and the smell was out of this world Rodney kept popping his head around the door telling us how wonderful the Hog Roast Kelfield food smelt cooking. We had made a giant fruit trifle earlier that morning and it took two of our staff to carry it and we placed it centre on the table and just then Rodney and his wife Vicky arrived.

Vicky said she was ‘blown away!” and told Rodney he had ‘done really well by booking us’ the guests arrived and watched as the meats were carved the chicken just fell apart so moist and tender and the lamb was equally as tender and full of juices they took to their seats and our waiting staff served and they were all very impressed. We left a pile of cards and when we went to clear away they were all gone and that tells us we will be getting bookings from the people who attended and that’s how it normally goes theses days.

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